VERSA Beam controller

 Press: Power ON,then the LED comes on. Press and hold:Power OFF

 Band select. Element length is adjusted automatically for each band.
 (AandB are disabled for Model 203/204/205/206)

 Frequency fine tuning( segment moves within the band you selected).
 Select options of settings.

 Activate the option you selected.

 MANUAL:Operator can change bands manually. CAL:CALIBRATION(Press and Hold)
 Elements are once retracted all the way to home position and then extended to
 the operating frequency range.

 Cancel the immediate input.

 MODE: Each press switches NORMAL, 180°, and DIPOLE, and then back to
 ADJUST(Press and Hold):Element length fine tuning.

 You get beams on both side(front and back). VERSA antenna has more gain
 than real dipole.

 Switching beam direction 180°.

 Normal Yagi-Uda antenna mode.

 AUTO:Automatic adjustment of antenna elements length following your
 tranceiver operating frequency.

 Displays antenna settings, frequency, and modes.

● outside dimension/weight
234W×72.5H×124D (a height is not included)/ about 1.2kg

VERSA Beam controller

 For AC adaptor connection. We strongly suggest you use the AC adaptor that comes with your antenna.

 Connect with your linear amplifier relay control terminal.

 Connect with your tranceiver TX GND terminal. ( TX GND is grounded when you transmit.)
 Center pins of both A and B are shorted usually, however they are disconnected while elements are moving.
 This function protects not only VERSA antenna but also your amplifier.

 You can connect your personal computer through USB Interface.
 Windows XP or the later OS has already driver software/ You may need to install the driver software for ealier OS versions.

 3.5mm monoral plug. A cable with 2P mini plug is supplied with VERSA antenna.

 PC: VERSA beam is controled by your computer.
 RIG:VERSA beam is controled by your radio.

 D-SUB 9pin connector. For rigs with RS232C or your computer with RS232C interface. Please lock tight after you made connection.

 For Amphenol 36pin connector. This connects the controller and your VERSA beam with special calbe that is supplied with VERSA antenna.