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@ Cross Meter
You can read FWD/ REF power and SWR withthis analog meter. The crossing point
of needlesshows the SWR value.

A Digital Display
You can select functions with the buttons below the display. When the function is selected, the button shines blue.

B FWD Button
Digital display shows FWD power when this button is pressed.

C REF Button
Digital display shows REF power when this button is pressed.

D SWR Button
Digital display shows SWR when this button is pressed.

E PEP Button
This switch toggles between average power and PEP power. When it is showing PEP, it lights blue.
F DEL Button
Digital display shows the power going into your antenna FWD‐(minus)REF when this button is pressed.

When the SWR becomes higher than the value you set up, it is activated. When activated, the connection between 12 TX GND and 13 RELAY IN is disconnected inside of KP‐1.

H POWER Switch
This switch is used to turn on the KP‐1.
The button shines red when the power supply is on.

I Range Select
You need to choose the proper range in order for the analog meter needles not to jump offscale. You don't have to think about power range for digital display.
J Power jack
For DC12V adaptor plug.

K TX GND Terminal
To be connected with TRX TX GND.

L RELAY Terminal
Connect with RELAY IN of your amplifier.
12 and 13 are normally connected inside of KP‐1.
When the SWR accidentally gets higher than the threshold value, KP‐1 automatically cuts off the line to protect your amplifier and/or antenna.
(Go to page 6 for how to set up)
M RF OUT Connector
SO‐239 to connect your antenna

N RF IN Connector
SO‐239 to connect with your TRX

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