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■ KP-1 is a SWR and Power meter employing current transformer covering the frequency range of 1.8MHz through 30MHz.

■ A large scale analogue cross meter and 7 segment LED allows for easy reading.

■ Meter has a built-in white LED back lighting allowing for readouts in low level light.

■ Meter has four ranges to measure power from 10W to 10KW. Digital display is not affected by changing measuring range.

■ Digital display also indicates SWR value.

■ PEP power can be read with adjustable hold time while operating SSB/CW.

■ Over-load protection circuit prevents your linear amplifier and antennas from getting damage by accident. User can
adjustable trigger value of SWR(1.4 〜 2.5)to active the protection circuit when SWR exceeds the level.
Protection circuit opens the TX GND line between exciter and linear amplifier.


■RF pickup unit and meter.
RF pickup unit can be placed separately with connecting wire.
■KP-1 rear view
■KP-1 inside view
Display board
SW board
CPU board
KP-1 Product specification
Frequency range 1.8〜30MHz Insertion loss
Leas than 0.1 dB
Power measurement range 10〜10KW Input-and-output impedance
Electric power range FWD 500W /1KW / 5KW / 10KW
REF 125W / 250W / 1250W / 2500W
Input-and-output M type (SO-239)
Outside dimension 229(W)×136(H)×110(D)
(A projection thing is not included.)
Power measurement accuracy ±7%(Full-scale value )
SWR measurement minimum RF power Approx 10W Accessories
Operation manual

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KP-1 Price US$400
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